About Lizzie Hale

lizziehale62_LLizzie combines her skills as an artist with those of a musician and harmony is apparent in her work.

Originally, it was a toss-up whether she went to Art School or the Royal College of Music, for she had scholarships to both; but music won at the time. It was only later that she trained as an artist, first at Sir john Cass, then at St. Albans College of Art, which became part of the University of Hertfordshire, where she was awarded an Honours Degree in Fine Art.

Lizzie’s work derives from observation of the world around her, transmuted into the semi-abstract, and is renowned for its colour harmonies.

Her many recent Exhibitions include the Stourhead Gallery, The Aldeburgh Cinema gallery, the Eystorm Gallery in Ipswich, and the Affordable Art Fair in London..

“I start without knowing what the finished result will be. A mysterious journey, the destination unknown until the work is finished.”

About Lizzie Hale’s work
A musician as well as an artist, Lizzie Hale is aware of the correspondences and contradictions that exist between music and painting.

Her work is inspired by the freedoms possible in both, and the colours and forms of music frequently inform her work. Using images based on still life and landscape, she responds subconsciously to moods linked to her experiences.

Lizzie Hale believes that one must be sensitive to the, often subtle, emotions and colours derived from the visual patterns and colours observed and that this applies equally to the interpretation of music. She refers to the words of Kandinsky, “Painting cannot be explained, one can only help towards its understanding”.

Abstract relationships between line and colour play a part in every painting. The start of her paintings is nearly always figurative, but in the process becomes more abstract as line and colour dominate.