About Lizzie Hale

Lizzie Hale first trained as a musician and then later obtained a degree in Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire which she completed in 1997.

She has exhibited regularly in Suffolk, Dubrovnik and London at the Affordable Art Fair.

Lizzie’s work derives from observation of the world around her, transmuted into the semi-abstract, and is renowned for its colour harmonies.


“I start without knowing what the finished result will be. A mysterious journey, the destination unknown until the work is finished.”

About Lizzie Hale’s work

Lizzie’s recent work is based on sketches she has made of musicians in rehearsal. In her London studio she coverts these sketches into larger works on canvas using charcoal, pastel and paint to capture the feeling of intensity and movement in the music.

She also draws and paints in the landscape where she uses colour as a starting point to capture the sense of a place. She believes that one must be sensitive to the, often subtle, emotions and colours derived from the visual patterns and colours derived from the visual patterns and colours observed and this applies equally to the interpretation of music. Abstract relationships between line and colour play a part in every painting. The start is nearly always figurative, but becomes more abstract in the process as line and colour dominate.


Contact: lizziehale@me.com