How to Order

You order through direct contact with the artist by following the instructions below.

How to Order
It’s so easy to own a picture you like – just five simple steps from the artist’s studio to enjoying it on your own wall.

Step 1. Send us an e-mail.
Use the ‘About Us‘ pages contact form to send an email to the artist whose pictures you are interested in.
Say which picture interests you. Include your phone number.
Contact Brian Tutt
Contact Brian Palmer
Contact Lizzie Hale

Step 2. The artist responds.
The artist will telephone you, or reply to your email, and together you will agree a total price, which will include the cost of packing and shipping to the address of your choice.

Step 3. You pay the artist.
You send a cheque to the artist.

Step 4. Your picture comes.
As soon as your cheque has cleared, your picture will be despatched to you.

Step 5. Enjoy your picture.

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