Tripod – contemporary art direct from the artist’s studio

exhibition2 exhibition1Tripod is a grouping of three contemporary artists – hence our name.

Lizzie HaleBrian Palmer and Brian Tutt met on their Degree course at Art School.

Although their styles are very different, they found they shared many attitudes, and decided to market their art directly as a group as well as individually.

Their first Exhibition at The Chocolate Factory in 1999 has been followed by many more successful shows together; mainly at the Affordable Art Fair, London’s premier venue for original Art under £3000.

Lizzie, Brian and Brian make art that is original, contemporary and understandable. Art to treasure; art to collect; art to appreciate.

Lizzie Hale is a colourist. Her work is semi-abstract, powerfully emotional, enhancing modern or classical interior design.

Brian Tutt’s oil paintings are mysterious, ambiguous, and emotive. “What’s going on here?” you wonder, and stay to find out.

Brian Palmer is a printmaker and poet. His “Lifelines” are picture-poems wryly commenting on life, love, the universe, everything. The ones about love are often bought as romantic gifts.

The artists at Tripod use a number of techniques when making their pictures, particularly in printmaking. The technique or medium used (for example “Oil on canvas”) is usually stated in the description of the picture. Click here to learn more about Tripod artist’s techniques.

How to Order
It’s so easy to own a picture you like – just five simple steps from the artist’s studio to enjoying it on your own wall.

Step 1. Send us an e-mail.
Use the ‘Contact Us‘ form to send an email to the artist whose pictures you are interested in.

Step 2. The artist responds.
The artist will telephone you, or reply to your email, and together you will agree a total price, which will include the cost of packing and shipping to the address of your choice.

Step 3. You pay the artist.
You send a cheque to the artist.

Step 4. Your picture comes.
As soon as your cheque has cleared, your picture will be despatched to you.

Step 5. Enjoy your picture.

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